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Welcome to AfroMt (Afromedicaltrends), the portal to find the best and most trending and educational medical developement across Africa. Many people across the world including people living in Africa find it particularly difficult in finding easy and reliable information in Africa. AfroMt does all your search for you by bringing closer what you need to know about African medical progess.

At AfroMt we do not limit the information, so we have various section to suit each persons need, i.e education, research infomation, health tips etc. we also provide an avenue where readers can post questions and answers. This we believe will help bring information closer to interested web users.

About The Author

Dr. Benjamin Klugah-Brown received his Bachelor degree in computer science from University for development studies, Ghana in 2006.

He obtained his masters (computer science and technology) and Ph.D. Biomedical engineering (brain imaging-dynamic functional network connectivity) degree from the University of electronic science and technology of China (UESTC), in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

During his PhD, he worked on neurological diseases as such epilepsy, schizophrenia and depression. He currently works as a Postdoctoral researcher in the School of life science and technology of UESTC (brain connectivity lab).

Dr. Klugah-Brown is working in the field of brain connectivity. His main research interests include deep/machine learning applications in resting-state functional MRI, brain connectivity, drug addiction and interactive application design for neuroimaging.